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This gift idea is truly a treasure. I love the apothecary jar that it comes in too. Makes for a beautiful vintage conversation piece.


“Words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels.” Inayat Khan

I’ve always had a deep love for words that inspire, how one word or a few could change your feelings, ideas or thoughts. I’ve been making Inspirational gifts for years on various topics from Affirmations to Sympathy. A good friend “nugged” me to Etsy so I may share this unique gift with you. While I pounce every chance I get. Besides collecting quotes, I have a fondness for baking, cooking, sewing and all things that taste and look beautiful. I enjoy the creative process.


Love $19.00


An assortment of Love quotes printed on light weight card stock in shades of pink. The apothecary glass jar is 10 inches in height, holds approximately 50 quotes for you or your loved one to enjoy. Shape of apothecary jars may vary and change due to availability. A unique gift for Bridal showers, newlyweds or someone in love. A perfect Valentine’s day gift.

“It’s not about how much you love someone, It’s about who you are when you’re with them.”
Diane Farr

Thank you for looking…..
Most jars are made to order and I am open to all customized requests to make a unique gift for you.
IMPORTANT! Please allow up to 5 days for any order to be completed

I will do my best to ensure all items will arrive safely. I am not responsible for any damage, chips, or cracks that may occur during shipping.
Insurance is optional for $1.65; but recommended



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