Cloud9 @ Sanctuary + Apartment Therapy


Cloud9 Apparel can now be found at Santuary in Austin. Sanctuary is a new shop in the Westlake area that has a great mix of gifts, art, and accessories, many of which are made by local artists. Santuary’s philosophy is “the beauty of simplicity,” which rings true in her choice of earth friendly, handmade goods and modern decor.

Owner Hanna Curran found me on & she speaks of her desire to find handmade items for her boutique interview with Apartment Therapy who recently featured her adorable home:

“Etsy in general is another inspiration and indulgence. I can get lost in there for HOURS and have found a number of vendors for the store this way.”

Here is a sneak peek inside her home from the article:




Sanctuary has been featured in numerous articles in the short time that it has been open:



For more information – check out the Sanctuary blog.


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