{Increase Your Etsy Productivity With These 10 Timesavers}

hourglass1Maintaining a shop on Etsy.com can get time consuming if you let it. Thankfully, there are numerous tools Etsy sellers found that keep your time online to a minimum.

Which gives you more time to focus on the important things, like actually creating your handmade goods & being creative!

Here are some kewl tips…

1) Read the Etsy Wiki! – There is some really FANTASTIC info in here. I landed on the Front Page for the 1st time after heeding the advice on this site! Pay attention to the Photography Category, Marketing & also the Top Sellers in your Craft Field. It’s nice to study the greats & see how they git where they are today.

2) Go to http://www.craftopolis.com -Type in your shop name & hit ENTER. You can quickly see if you are featured in any treasuries or gift guides! No more searching for the Gold or Silver stars, people! Yay!

3) The Etsy Seller Handbook – a must read article in the Storque, (Etsy’s blog) which is also a must-read!

4) Team Downloads -(web buttons, banners & such)

5) CraftCult Heart-O-Matic – Tracks your shop hearts (faves) & views + front page or gift guide features too! 🙂

6) Etsy’s Helpful Links Page – Full of Useful Information

7) Etsy Poster Sketch – Curate your treasuries FASTER!

8) Use Picnik or Picasa to quickly edit your photos (both FREE programs)

9) LetsEts has some kewl tools for adding your shop to Google Base

10) Last but not least is Etsy Hacks – Lotsa kewl html code hacks

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