{kindness giveaway: kindnotes}

I’m going to start doing a weekly kindness giveaway. If you make a product that speaks to this theme, with encouraging words, affirmations, positive, uplifting thoughts, prayers, scripture, or Christian items, please email me at amber@shopcloud9design.com if you are interested in participating in the next giveaway!

My first kindness giveaway comes from KindNotes.

KindNotes™ is a container of messages enclosed in mini decorative envelopes to be opened each day. Whether it’s a fond memory, words of inspiration, love or thanks, these notes will send a smile to the recipient.

You may choose from a variety of collections or add your personal touch by customizing your KindNotes in 5 quick and easy steps with an interactive wizard, selecting the container, filling, ribbon, envelope design, and message options (A. Choose from our library of more than 400 messages; B. Request blank papers*; C. Request your personalized messages to be handwritten for you).

Each order is completely assembled and put together according to the customization so that you don’t have to do a thing, from your messages being folded and stuffed into each envelope to their very presentation inside the container. *If requesting blank papers, we make sure everything is put together except for the blank papers so you can easily fill them out and insert them into the envelopes when you’re ready.

KindNotes has been said by many to be a unique gift that is expressive and meaningful, suitable for any occasion and especially for those who have everything. It’s also a great way to express your feelings to someone in your life whom you have a hard time telling in person.

As a family-owned business, we make sure that each handmade jar of KindNotes™ is created with the utmost care so that each day begins with a little inspiration. Our products are made with the best quality materials and are finely crafted.

Please be sure to come back often as all our designs are limited editions and we will continue to expand our offerings, from container styles and envelope designs, to embellishments and messages.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your celebrations.
People out there are beginning each day with a smile and just thinking of that makes our day!

This is a pretty, thoughtful gift from the heart. When you open the jar you see that it is filled with precious little, teeny-tiny envelopes with mini love notes inside! They’re perfect gifts for anyone & EVERYONE since they are fully customizable with beautiful presentation!

Keeping the jar on their desk, they will be able to pick one card out a day and have a positive daily reminder of your love. You can personalize each note with your own message. Or you can choose from the library of over 400 messages.

This gift will hold a sentimental value that will last forever….a truly meaningful gift that shows how much you care…


***KindNotes is graciously giving away 1 FREE KindNotes jar (up to a $45.00 value) in which the winner will have the option to customize to one lucky Cloud9 Design reader! Yay!

This would be a PERFECT grad gift, Father’s Day gift, Mother’s Day, kid’s gift, birthday gift, Anniversary gift, Thinking of You gift,or an unbelievably touching gift for those who are hospitalized, pregnant moms-to-be, the person who has everything, people facing trials or difficult times, soldiers overseas, baby shower gifts, wedding gifts, for teachers, friends, the possibilities are endless…You could probably create a unique, heartfelt gift jar for each person you know. Then they can open one note each day to receive 31 days of loving messages from you that let them know just how special they are!

Here’s the details:

In order to win, they ask that you simply visit their website: http://www.kindnotes.com & visit their blog: http://www.blog.kindnotes.com & share these 2 sites with your friends and family!

Plus you must answer this question in your comment below (extra entry if you tweet about this giveaway – include @cloud9design in your tweet):

“What is one way in which you are kind to others?”

Please leave your NAME, and EMAIL in your comment so we can contact you if you are the chosen winner!!

Contest runs until May 18th. Winner announced shortly after. Best of luck to you guys! 🙂

Spread the love. Be kind.

21 thoughts on “{kindness giveaway: kindnotes}

  1. I sent my friend Evelyn an e-mail about the Kind Notes site and put a link to the Kind Notes Company and Blog as well.

    “What is one way you in which you are kind to others?”
    Well, my answer is same as Mia’s — I love to hug others. Hugging someone else reminiscences them of the warmth and protection from their mother when they’re in their mother’s womb. It’s like a kind of speechless encouragement. A simple gesture like this can make them regain the courage to strive for the best.

  2. I teach music time at church every Sunday to the kids. Not only do they enjoy it, but I LOVE it (especially since I am working my my own kids, as well!
    -10oneworld on Etsy

  3. I am kind to others by trying to find the good in all situations or giving an encouraging word. Sometimes people just need to hear something positive. Especially in the times we live in!

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  4. I love the kindnotes site and blog and have told some friends about them! One way I’m kind to others is by trying to say encouraging words to people whenever I can!

  5. What a wonderful idea and generous giveaway!

    It’s ironic that I came across this post as I really want to promote kindness in the world. I’m a teacher and each day this month, I have been choosing five students (without them knowing) and giving them showering them with kind words about what they do well and encouraging them to continue working hard/ being kind to others, etc.

  6. I try to help at my kids’ school as much as possible. I teach art classes, make many many costumes and sets for plays, and always bring snacks for the teacher to share with those children who do not bring their own from home. Teachers nowadays spend so much of their own time and resources on their classes; I just like to give them some more time with their own families whenever I can 🙂

  7. I smile at everyone, help people with their groceries, and help my neighbors with their yards!

    These notes are such a great idea! I know exactly who I’d get them for!

  8. Sometimes just listening (not talking, not giving an opinion) is the kindest thing anyone can do and I really try to be a good listener to my friends and family.

  9. What a great giveaway! I’ve always loved the KindNotes – just haven’t been able to afford getting it as a gift for someone just yet! But I am a big believer that the little things add up to happiness – particularly in a marriage. Leaving little notes, saying “thank you” for taking out the trash – these things matter. And I’d love to win one of these for my awesome husband for father’s day! Thanks for the chance!

    I definitely shared these links with my friends and family – it’s a great gift idea!


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