{Call For Submissions: Autumn Emporium}

Call for Submissions:


It’s now time to apply for the “Autumn Indie Emporium”. To see a sample of what it looks like, please see the Summer Emporium that runs until September 13th, & the “A Greener Spring” Indie Emporium here. I have uped the size to the images to 400×400 this time….as I did with the Summer Emporium. It turned out really great and I am excited to showcase some fall designs for Back to School!

Cloud9 Emporium is a monthly online marketplace curated by Cloud9 Design to showcase exceptional handmade goods from emerging independent artists & designers.

Here are 101 reasons to buy handmade from the Poppytalk blog.

After seeing the success of both the Holiday Gift Guide & my Valentine Gift Guide, I’ve decided to have a monthly juried online marketplace called “Cloud9 Emporium” featured on the Cloud9 Blog.

This is just one of the many NEW regular features that Cloud9 will use to showcase & promote emerging indie artists and designers which encourages building the indie community by shopping local & buying handmade.


If you are an independent artist, designer or artisan that sells your wares on Etsy.com you can apply to be part of the Emporium. The next marketplace will be the: “Autumn Indie Marketplace” which will focus on breezy, summertime-related goods to fit in with the theme. The Summer Emporium will run from September 21st – November 21st giving you 2 FULL MONTHS of promotion. That’s an awesome discount and great savings value!!!

The deadline to apply is September 6th.

Just e-mail me if you are interested. Put “Autumn Indie Marketplace Submission” in the subject line. **And please give me the URL link to the Etsy shop you wish to be considered.

  1. If selected I will need a 400×400 image of an item with your logo superimposed on top of it, like on my summer gift guide.
  2. Also, I will need a short bio or you and your work,
  3. as well as your etsy shop URL,
  4. Blog URL,
  5. and a coupon code for my readers (like 15% off with coupon code autumn09cloud9).

There is only a limited amount of space available; so only the top applicants will be selected. The submissions must have a strong design aesthethic, impeccable, compelling photography that fits into the theme, and must be high-quality, handmade wares. The non-refundable fee for being a part of the Emporium will be $40.00. If you are selected, you must provide the required photos and info by the deadline to be included.

The Emporium will have top placement in the sidebar.

The Emporium will be marketed on: other blogs, Etsy, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, TwitterMoms, Ning networks, We Love Etsy, IndiePublic, with my Etsy Street Teams: CAST (Christian Artists), EcoEtsy, & EtsyAustin {just to name a few!}

***I have a VERY large following on these social networking sites which gives me a wonderful arena to introduce new and interesting handmade goods, and increases the exposure & traffic to my blog & the visibility of your shop!

This new opportunity for increased visibility for your shop is a great way to help your shop be seen in the sea that is Etsy….Here are some stats for the blog:

We use Quantcast to verify our traffic figures, obtain audience information and to supply our Cloud9 Media Kit. Our audience is 59% female, and 65% of our members are college graduates or hold advanced degrees. Below is a snapshot of demographic and lifestyle attributes of the Cloud9 Design audience.

screenhunter_05-jan-30-1126screenhunter_04-jan-30-1013Some of the lifestyle attributes the Cloud9 blog readers have are the following:


Sitemeter information for my blog states that the Cloud9 blog has had 85,116 visitors (since I joined sitemeter in 2008) with an average of 156 per day and growing!!!

ScreenHunter_03 Sep. 01 09.42


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