hello! hello! a life without screens. a girl can dream…

You have to get author and illustrator Matthew Cordell’s new book hello! hello! and read it.


Like everyday.

To your kids.

And to yourself.

Such a beautiful message.

Hello hello book cover

This book highlights that all the technology our culture consumes  keep us — disconnected.

I am a big believer in simple, slow living.

And this lovely book is a gentle reminder for us to seek connectedness in person with our loved ones, with nature, and with wonder and  awe.

That child-like need to explore the outdoors, to see the beauty in animals and nature, and touch, hug, and love people in real-life.

Not just with our hands, but with our hearts.

Here are some great images from the book:




So, power off those phones, turn off the tv, and the computer, and slow down.Live the simple life.

Take a deep breath. It is ok to slow down. It is good to slow down. Life is not a  hurry, a race, or a climb.

It is a joy, a happiness, and a blessing.

Be mindful of what is right in front of you.

Hello. Hello.


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