Clearing and Healing Your 7 Chakras


I saw this video posted on one of the facebook groups I’m in. I thought it was so cool.

It talks about how to heal and clear your 7 chakras. Chakras are energy fields in our bodies that can become stuck, stagnant, or blocked.

The 7 chakras are like 7 pools of water, that need to be unstuck so the water can flow between them easily.


Chakra 1 – Earth Chakra – This chakra is ruled by Fear. What are you most afraid of? Surrender those fears. Let them flow into the creek.






Chakra 4 – Love Chakra – Rules the Heart. Blocked by Grief. Lay all of your grief out in front of you. Release all of your sadness and loss.

You had indeed felt a deep loss – a great loss. But, love is a form of energy and it swirls all around us. Their  love for you is still inside your heart and is reborn in the form of a new love. Let the pain flow.

Chakra 5 – Sound Chakra – Rules The Throat. Your truth is blocked by lies. The ones we tell ourselves. Release your denial and the lies you tell yourself.

You cannot lie about your own nature. You must accept yourself.


Chakra 6 – Light Chakra – Rules by the center of the forehead/Third Eye. Deals with separation, insight and is blocked by illusion. The greatest illusion of this world – is the illusion.

Metal is part of the Earth – that has been purified. If you open your mind  you’ll see even separation of the 4 elements is an illusion.

Things you think are separate and different are actually one and the same. Collective consciousness. We’re all connected. Everything is connected, not divided.

You cannot lie about your own nature. You must accept yourself.


Chakra 7 – Thought ChakraCrown of The Head.  Complete Control and Awareness. All of your thoughts and actions. It deals with pure cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachments.

Let go of all you’ve grown to love. Meditate on what attaches you to this world. Let them go. Let them flow down the river. Forgotten. Learn to let him or her go or you will not let the pure cosmic energy flow in from the universe.

Many are unable to release this chakra. You must learn to let go. To master this state you must surrender yourself.




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