Welcome to FairieBling. Dedicated to all of us who still believe…

If you’re looking for tangible evidence of the existence of Fairies look no further. Stella Luna, Fiocco di Neve and Valentina are ready to welcome you into their magic world. And, since the woodlands are full of gnomes who like to extract metal and precious jemstones from Mother Earth, you’re guaranteed a fair share of Bling in my shop to make you sparkle as much as any Fairie…

I only work with natural materials from 100% wool to natural brass and semiprecious gemstones. I

I think it all started when in kindergarten I refused to draw straight roofs on houses…they just didn’t look straight to me so it pretty much went downhill from there. In elementary school I insisted that noses be drawn sideways and homes be taller than mountains. At the European Institute of Design in Milan, Italy, (from where I graduated in 1990) I disgraced my classically trained watercolor teacher by persevering in my own not so classical style. When I moved to the US my renewed sense of freedom took me in all artistic directions…from dance to music back to painting and graphic design. But still…I was a design rebel (did I say that???). Straight out of school I inadvertently told the Creative Director that hired me , who complained I couldn’t follow directions, that I just couldn’t because hers just ehm ehm “stunk”. Her response: she became determined to make me into her best Art Director ever.

Oh well, years went by with some published work here and there (I won’t name names), more years of graduate school and then –BADABOOM– I was suddenly welcomed into a magical world where everything is possible…the priviledged world of childhood, a world full of fairies and sprinkles and bling. The birth of my beautiful son coincided with the birth of FairieBling. Out of the deepest love that comes from the heart of mothers came bunnies and more bunnies and fairies and dolls and pirates (did anybody notice an obsession with bunnies?). It all started effortlessly, like in a dream, making one felted tree here and one felted ball there, then a doll and a bird and soon enough people knew about my creations.

I am inspired by my son’s relentless belief in everything that is magic…and his sparkling eyes are a constant reminder that we should never stop believing! My work is dedicated to him and all of us who still believe.

I choose to work with natural materials only (never any synthetics), source locally and try to recycle whenever I can (I have been known to knock on doors and ask neighbors for old sweaters)…

Good intentions and thoughts are put into everyone of my creations so that the new owners can experience some magic…or just have fun.

Recycle, create and prosper (and help me prosper by buying my stuff)

From my heart

tizDragon Wings Leather Cuff With Cashmere Flower and Faceted Carnelian $52.00


When I saw this super soft hyde in a leather shop I couldn’t resist…I have been thinking for a while of designing with leather but I wasn’t quite ready…until today that is! On the way home, I started having visions of cuffs, chokers and belts…all soft and flowy and encrusted with gemstones.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you my first creation in leather, recycled cashmere and gemstones…whoooo all my favorite things in one piece!

Now the specs:
Cuff measures 11″x3″ and fits wrists that are 7″-8″ in circumference.
Flower measures 4″x4″.
Faceted carnelian is 20mmx20mm.


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I am a 28 year old full time sewer, I mainly make clothes but lately I have been having a lot of fun making hats! My clothing line is called ‘Little Houses’ and can also be found on Etsy. I do all of my own silk-screening at home in my studio.

All of my hats are handmade by me, each one being a little different than the next. I am always willing to do custom orders so please message me with any requests!

All of my hats are one size fits all so if you happen to have an extra large head, or an extra small head, please message me and I’m sure we could work something out.

Please check out my other Etsy shop!

hathouse1Red Wool Hat $45.00


This hat is made of 100% Wool.

It is machine stitched together with leaf-like pieces.

visit littlehouses on supermarket


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urartistheadHello. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you’re having an awesome day. I know you wanted to know about me-UrArtist, so let’s get into it.

I love Math but wasn’t really good at it
Until I reached fifth grade and became a whiz
I thought to be an engineer will be cool

I learned to paint after dad passed away
He’s smiling up in heaven looking down at me
She always wanted to do that, he’ll say

Mom taught me to crochet
The Sunday after my sixteenth birthday
Guess you’ll say I was hooked since then

I married my true love before thirty
And fell in love over and over since then
He hides notes for me to find until now

I love music and playing my ukulele
But the sweetest thing to hear
Is our little one’s cheers and giggles

So you see, you get a bit of these
When you receive something from me
The littlest thing has my heart into it.

urartist1Patricia Scarflette, Cowl, Neck Cozy, Neckwarmer – Luxurious Wool, For Men and Women $24.00


~~~Be among the first to own these original creations, soon to be featured in a Book!~~~


Adorn yourself with elegant royalty with this beautiful runway-inspired scarflette. Original design. Accentuated by a wooden button. Hand crocheted with soft and luxurious wool blend (80/20) yarn.

This is yet to be the most affordable luxury a woman must have. Can be worn in so many ways – it’s like having multiple neck pieces.

It’s so beautiful, words are not enough to describe it.

Size is 19 inches (length when unbuttoned).

It stretches to fit women who wear Small to Large clothing. Will customize to fit your neckline, if desired. Please indicate your neckline size (diameter in inches) in ‘message to seller’.


Thank you.


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Hi there,

I am Melissa of BombShell Studios. I live on the East Coast. I am 25. I’ve lived everywhere from Texas to Canada. I love to knit and create. It’s energizing and inspiring. I love seeing my creations going all over the world. My other favorite aspect of what I do is the people of Etsy. The friends, customers, and community are all amazing!

Houndstooth Thick Handknit Scarf $45.00bomb


Black and Off White Houndstooth Thick Knit Scarf. Cozy up in Style!
This soft and luxurious scarf is made for ultra warmth!

Handknit by me in a soft and snug wool blend. Black and light cream or off white.

The wool blend yarn is truly soft. I wear my own collection of these scarves and am very impressed with the softness and the warmth. Customer reviews rave about these scarves!

For the gift-giving season: Buy 2 or more and save $10 on each additional scarf!

5 1/2 feet long (65 inches) / (1.6 meters long)
7 inches wide, rolls to 3″ doubled (18 cm wide, rolls to 8cm doubled)

80% acrylic 20% wool
Machine Wash Cold Gentle
Tumble Dry Low

Ships USPS First Class Mail or USPS First Class International with Shipping Confirmation. Gift Wrapping available at no charge, just mention in Message to Seller at checkout!

Need matching headwrap? Just contact me!


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The market bag in Gunmetal Gray (w/ an adjustable strap) $93.00moop1


The Market Bag is made from a soft gunmetal gray canvas with a slightly brushed surface and lined in light gray twill. The interior has 3 pouch pockets (each 6″x7″), one large zipper pocket (14″x7″) and 2 d-rings for keys and phones and pouches. It’s a pretty big bag for big pretty things (laptops, books, more books, ipods, kid stuff). You’ll love the carefully stitched seams, the durable material and the understated styling, it’s what makes Moop bags so great.

The adjustable strap gives quite a bit of variation in length – making it easier to wear across your chest (messenger style) or on your shoulder (purse style).


Approx. Dimensions: 13” across the top, 14” deep, 19” across the bottom. Strap varies from approx. 33″ (end to end) when fully extended to approx. 17″ (end to end) at it’s shortest length.


We make each bag individually by hand with great care. Please allow 2 weeks for shipment.

p.s. the last image is the same bag in a different color/material and shown for proportional reference


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