I mainly work with watercolors and acrylics and at times I supplement my acrylic work with pastels, charcoal and pencils.
I find watercolors to be the ideal medium to paint landscape in plein air. I paint at daybreak and around an hour before sunset, mostly because the light at these times of day is richer and more challenging for me. My watercolor paintings could be defined as atmospheric and minimalist.

My aim is to capture the feeling of the moment and the space, with sparse detail and frugal brush work. My portable studio is simple and compact, fitting in a laptop bag, this keeps the format of my paintings reduced to a manageable 9” x 11”; I work on three paintings at a time, moving the brush rapidly and spontaneously, the end result being a meditation in water and color.
I like to work in acrylics at my studio, where I have the space and flexibility to paint in medium and large formats. I work in different series at the same time switching from complete abstraction, to personal realism, to abstracted-escapes.
When I paint an abstract, I break the ice, between my brush and the blank canvas, by using the surrealist technique of automatism, letting the brush and the surface guide the first layer or foundation of the work. As I develop more layers I find clarity as to what I’m painting, the end result being a discovery of an interior-escape.
In my view, personal realism refers, as the word suggest, to a reality as interpreted by the artist. When I paint realistically, I generally paint landscapes and sometimes buildings that propose the presence of people. In this case, I always start with the sky, which is the foundation of light and mood. The evolution of the painting is dictated by memories and dreams. The end product is an alternate reality or personal reality.
The inspiration for my abstracted-escapes in the Nantucket series is the result of the effect of fog and how it distorts the field of vision by diffracting and creating droplet size lenses in the atmosphere. I paint this using short, droplet size, brush strokes and slowly moving across the canvas, resembling the calm trajectory of fog in the landscape. When completed, the work invites the viewer to examine at close range and then stepping back to see the whole effect, playing with a push and pull technique similar to that of the impressionists.

gabrielleEQUINOX $450.00


One of my abstract paintings from the My Personal-Reality series.

Artist: Gabriella Fiabane
Location: USA
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Support: 1 1/2″ deep, gallery wrap, clean painted black
Size: 24″ x 24″
Signed on back
Shipping: Buyer pays for shipping, cost to be determined by UPS, USPS or FedEx

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I’ve been an artist since I can remember, and I knew it was pretty serious, when at the age of 10 I convinced my parents to let me make the back room of our basement into a painting studio.

Since then I’ve always kept my hands and mind busy creating something; whether it was an illustration for a magazine, a toy design for Hasbro, logos or graphic design for Herman Miller or illustrating children’s books for Holiday House.

I’m so happy to say that now, after years of chasing jobs, I am back in that place where I was when I was 10 years old, painting in my studio. I’ve never been happier!

When I don’t have a brush or scissors in my hand, I love to spend time with my incredible family; Matthew, my dear husband, whose support for my art career seems to have no boundaries (believe me, I’ve tested this), my two beautiful daughters who are amazing artists in their own right, a dog, a cat, a sun conure, two rats, a hamster, a guinea pig and a fish. We all live in an adorable little town called Maplewood, NJ, that is just outside New York city.

twilight-nancytobinTwilight – 8 x 10 Inch Fine Art Print $20.00


Twilight. Ah… my favorite time of sky. I love the way the sun’s refracted light hits the earth and makes everything look so rosy and warm. the way it makes the clouds sparkle and glow. And the way it makes that black trellis-like thing look so cool and mysterious… Hey. Wait a minute, where am I?

This print is from an original mixed-media painting. It is a color inkjet giclee on professional-grade, archival, acid-free paper. The print is sent in a protective bag (acid-free).The image size is 6.5″x9.5″; There is a white border around the edges, and can easily be popped into a 8×10 matte or frame.

*This item ships to United States USPS FREE!

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I have been working from my studio in Brighton Seafront’s Artist Quarter since 1991, and love painting shoes and glamourous women!

I have featured in exhibitions in London and Monaco, and have a range of greetings cards produced by American Greetings.

You can see more paintings either on my website:
or on my blog:

Mulberry Original Drawing by Linda Boucher $30.00lindaboucher


This is a sketch for on of my oil paintings.

It is graphite pencil on acid free paper.

Clear and clean lines, help me ‘place’ the image on the canvas before I start painting.

I’ve added a light gouache wash to add a little color.

This is an original drawing, and measures 8×10 inches, so is ready to be framed.

The drawing will be sent to you in a cellophane sleeve, unmatted, and mailed in a reinforced envelope.

Copyright for this Image belongs solely to Linda Boucher. Use of it without express permission is horrible and prohibited.

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Fashion Princesse – Art Print 10×16 (A4) $20.00matilou11


Siloé is a very romantic and stylish princess. Who said you can’t be both …

She’ll become your best friend !

This is a beautiful digital Print of one of my illustrations.

Make your child’s bedroom unique !
Or make an original gift with a beautiful print !
mat paper * A4


Siloé est une jeune princesse romantique et très stylée ! qui a dit que l’on ne pouvait pas etre les 2 à la fois … !

Elle va rapidement devenir ta meilleure amie

A4 * papier mat

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I like to color. :o)

I’ve always been an artist, thanks to my mom who was always painting or

making stained glass windows when I was growing up.

I am inspired by stars, sunsets, tropical beaches, humidity, coloring books, crayons, glo-worms and lite-brites, the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade, Jules Verne, The Science Channel, ancient technology and civilizations, the study of the universe, spirituality, stained glass windows, sea glass, Glenn Miller, fireflies, rainbows, water and light.

+ I donate 10% of all money made through art to Acres of Love. Check out

Enlightenment is like
the reflection of the moon
on water.

The moon does not get wet,
the water is not separated.

-Zen Teaching

Perpetual Twilight – Original Light Reactive Painting – Hugeshayla 4ft x 5ft – Made with Beach Sand – FREE SHIPPING $3,500.00


Perpetual Twilight – 2007

(*Ask me about Payment Plans!)

Ingredients: acrylic paint, beach sand, varnish, water & light.

A friend of mine once wrote this about an earlier painting that this piece is based on: “It’s like a psychedelic journey through space, to a beautiful planet of futuristic architecture in perpetual twilight.”

I loved that description. So, I named it that. :o)

I wrote extensively about the making of this piece on my blog. For more information, please check out:

This painting is 48×60 inches (4ft x 5ft), on stretched canvas with a gallery wrapped (1.5 inch thick) edge and is ready to hang. The sides were first painted turquoise with the painting itself dripping over the sides. Made with artist quality paints. Signed and varnished.

This painting uses many different types of color and paint, making it appear different in every type of light. It will look different in natural light, artificial interior lighting, interior lighting and UV lighting combined, UV lighting only, and no light at all.

The images to the right are as follows:
1. artificial lighting
2. combined uv and artificial lighting
3. uv lighting only
4. no light (glow in the dark)
5. detail

Includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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Aquarius – huge 30×40 abstract female nude original oil painting bysag Aja $2,200.00


**I promised my mom, my biggest fan, that this piece would be in ArtExpo when I get there. So, I’ve raised the price. She really loves this piece and so do I 🙂

Dimensions – HUGE 30×40 inches
Media – Oil
Support – 1.5 inch thick gallery wrapped canvas, staples on the reverse. Sides painted black.
Date – 9/2008
Price – 900.00.
Varnished for protection and wired on the back for easy hanging

*This piece is dry and ready to ship!*

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·`¤~About the painting~¤

This vibrant painting in extremely thick oil applied with a palette knife depicts a colorful female nude, the atmosphere swirling around her. She becomes part of it. The air. The wind. The sky….

This piece is comprised of several layers of thick paint creating an almost 3 dimensional appearance – a truly unique and one of a kind piece of artwork! It would be a vibrant and sophisticated piece to add to any fine art collection, or the perfect stand out work of art to start one!

This piece is signed and dated on the front and back of the painting. The staple free sides have been painted so there is no need for framing, but you can of course if you like 🙂 This piece has been varnished to protect from UV rays and the elements and has been wired on the back for easy hanging.

*Please note colors may vary from monitor to monitor due to individual settings and limitations in digital photography – every effort is made to come as close to actual colors in each painting as possible.

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I am called the little illustrator because I make pint sized art. Everything in my shop is under 8.5×11 inches. I am influenced by our similarities; the fear we always run from and the peace we are always searching for. I make art because I CAN. My love for it is ETERNAL and my service to it is ABSOLUTE.
Visit me at

Open Heart (Thy Limited Edition Print) $12.50rach1


“‘My bounty is as boundless as the sea,’ she cried. “My love is deep, the more I give to you, the more I have, for both are infinite.'”

‘Tis thee but a LIMITED EDITION print (edition of 15) from thee original illustration boar from mines soul. Thy original medium when hence created doth be watercolor, colored pencil, and ink lain atop a page from thee story version doth Romeo & Juliet.

Thy prints have been printed by mine own hands using an Epson printer and inks (doth be specialized for photos and reproductions). Thy artwork hence forth printed on white Epson, matte, acid free paper sized 8.5×11 inches. Thee image measures 6×9 inches, each signed, dated, and numbered.

But soft, hath ye noticed? Frank and Sandra speaketh much commentary upon said artwork! Thee kingsmen of love doth not travel with thy print, so thee hath no worry about thy yapping, anon.

ALL IMAGES do-ith be ©Racheal Anilyse
(Thy stitch border doth not part of thee print)

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