As an artist, I am a perfectionist and fascinated by detail, texture and color.
I am constantly challenged by how I can combine these three elements into unique jewelry and accessories for the home and office that are sometimes whimsical, sometimes elegant , sometimes purely decorative and sometimes very functional.

“Geekery” at its finest!

VenusZine magazine included my recycled circuit boardjewelry in the December Holiday issue!

debaremPB16 RECYCLED Computer CIRCUIT BOARD Dark Green PENCIL BOX DESK Holder Organizer OOAK Geekery Repurposed ACCESSORY FOR SCHOOL Home or Office $20.25


This is a very cool and funky pencil box made completely from recycled circuit boards!

It’s our newest product just released and we can’t seem to make them fast enough! These boards are a DEEP green with incredible circuitry!

Everyone can use a pencil box and this is our latest desk accessory in our green office products line.

This awesome box looks great sitting on your desk to hold your pens and pencils and makes a great gift for that computer geek friend of your’s or as a present for your teacher!

Both the sides as well as the bottom are made from recycled circuit boards which we rescued from being destroyed and we turned them into something funky and functional!

There are 2 different circuit boards used in the creation of this pencil holder for added interest.

This pencil box measures 3 3/4″ tall and 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ across and could just as easily work on your dresser to hold your makeup brushes!

Pens and pencils in photograph not included


*Mention coupon code: holiday08 for 10% your order (not including shipping)!


Self-taught art-wrap sculpted precious & semi-precious gemstones, minerals, fossils and concretions, married with recycled, reclaimed and restored vintage and antique treasure’s. Use of gold and sterling silver wire is just enough to accent the stones used without over powering the natural presence of the stones energy.

After years of processing lost wax method of jewelry and silver sculpture, my true love was found in the simple presentation of the stones. Thus, wire became my choice material.

Crude Company jewels are “one-of-a-kind” sculpted pieces. I can promise that no one will ever have another like the one you purchase. NO two stones are the same, similar maybe, distinctly perfectly unique. It’s my joy to create cool pieces from the rock I collect, haul, bash, cut, prep, polish and wrap. Because I create my jewelry from natural stones every piece is original to itself. I do not re-create any piece.

Shop philosophy and policy:
Crude Jewelry and Ornament…is not a measure of your wealth, but your undeniable spirit.

Uniquely Hand Crafted-Hand Made Items – organic, earthy, and just simply stones…I have a relationship with each stone, they are like friends. Some day each of my friends will find the soul they belong with.

Uniquely hand crafted crude leather pouches created from 100% recycled leather scraps. Frugal and free-form ends to material that is otherwise tossed to the land fills. (Leather scraps used has flaws, cracks, spots, dis-coloration’s and unusual dye markings…the leather used is not perfect.)

crudecoGemmy Rhodochrosite Crystal Pendant – Natural Formation $35.00


In this listing one rhodochrosite precious gemstone, wrapped securely in 20 gauge sterling silver round wire and completed simply with 2mm tan leather cord, an adjustable slip knot closer and one lamp work bead from the etsy artisan shop “skaramouche”.

The stone measures 40mm long and 30mm wide in a traditional triangle formation, polished on the front facing side with a minimal buff polish to the back side.

“Rhodochrosite is a stone of love and balance, providing balancing and love on all levels for all bodies. It contains a pulsating electrical energy which emits the strongest power in the universe, the power of love. The energy of Rhodochrosite is encompassed by the presence of heavenly energies filled with the golden sphere of light. It assists in creating new worlds for the user.

Worlds filled with love and dreams. Using the stone during the meditative state, you may melt into the sphere of golden ecstasy. An encounter with your twin soul is highly likely when the energy is so directed. Rhodochrosite is an Earth stone for healing of the Earth and showing love for the Mother of us all.

Helps you to serve the planet in her time of need, helping you recognize that the responsibility is actually a joy. Energizes and purifies the base chakra, the sacral chakra, and the heart chakra, restoring balance in these areas. For energizing it acts quickly on the physical, astral, and mental planes.

For purification, it acts to cleanse, and to renew. Rhodochrosite quickly balances the emotions, providing stability to the mind. Balances the male-female aspects of your character and physical body, providing a strong, clear, and tolerant energy.”Reference guide: Melody – Love Is In The Earth


*Mention you found us on the Cloud9 Holiday Gift Guide in notes to seller box at checkout!


Crafting is fun. Keeps me busy, helps me to relax… and its just plain rad to make things out of other things! 🙂

I make a whole lotta different goods. Collaged boxes, light fixtures, glass, artisan jewelry, Vintage Fabrics, Vintage button kits, Bead Kits Body and bath goodies ( With mostly vegan ALL organic -n- natural herbs and grains) and so much more!

My fav things are a collaboration of vintage and modern … Hope you like the goods! Hope you come again..

Lavender Milk Bath $5.00

by crowandiris.etsy.comcrow2

We have just made this Sweet and simple milk bath.

Made with all natural ingredients,

Organic Fragrant Lavender, Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Milk Powder and light scented with essential oils of lavender.

Oh what a soothing bath you will have.

Will come packaged in a lovely little muslin bag, enough for up to 3 baths.

Thanks for looking…

Shipping is Usps First class $2.00


*Mention coupon code: cloud9gg for 10% your order!


i am meadow.
i am natural. organic. eco chic. … a nomad part time in the concrete jungle….and part time in the real jungle.

inspired by the simple things and intrigued by the ornate.

striving for sustainability….one design at a time.


**i always ship priority.**

to learn more about me….go to


ON SALE..marin swoosh skirt $45.00


hemp and tencel blend skirt. very high quality. inside looks as good as the outside. two pockets, swoosh detail and stitching detail on hem. made to last….totally sustainable.
size 6…


*Mention you found us on the Cloud9 Holiday Gift Guide in notes to seller box at checkout!



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