I am a die hard jewelry designer, a mom and a grandmother. All girls, so when I make a new piece of jewelry, they are right there checking it out !!!

I went to art school in England in the 1970’s, but really found my calling with jewelry design. I have been making jewelry for many years but started seriously designing in the early 90’s.

I am always inspired to make better and more interesting pieces. I really love gemstones and this is a great inspiration for my work. Too bad there are not more hours in a day. !!!

I actually started crafting when I was fifteen, in the 60’s. That was a great time for doing handmade and fantastically inventive things. My friend had a shop that sold crafty items from the East and locally handmade jewelry, clothing and pottery. Those were fun times !

I never looked back. I spent time in Europe and Asia, studying and working in different areas of the jewelry business. Asia was awe inspiring in relation to handmade items. They can make almost anything at all out almost nothing at all. I love making jewelry and will keep working on new and wonderful pieces.


18kt,Sterling, Iolite And Sapphire Ring $250.00


This is a lovely little ring. I have made many variations of this ring over the years and still like it alot. It is also a great stacking ring.

The shank of this ring is in sterling silver and the bezels are in 18kt gold. The middle stone is a lovely medium blue Iolite (6mm) and the side stones are white sapphires (3mm).

This ring is a size 5 3/4.

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I started to make jewelry because I saw a pair of earrings in a shop that I loved. I was a student and could no way afford them. They didn’t look complicated, though and I decided I could make some like them. Well, of course a spool of wire makes many more than 1 pair of earrings, so all the females in my family (and friends) got earrings for Christmas that year and I was hooked.

moonFall Floral Necklace $75.00


Tiger Eye 5mm disks,carved agate and jasper flowers, Bronze bicones,shell knot covers, safety clasp.
This is a stunning necklace.

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I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister and a mommy, and mostly I’m one of the luckiest people on the face of this earth. It’s a bit ironic, considering the fact that for first 30-odd (and they were odd) years of my life all I wanted was to be someone else, anyone else. I never thought of myself as having a single creative bone; instead I delivered pizzas, worked with horses and later became a television editor.

If you’d told me five years ago that I’d become an artist, and create collages that actually speak volumes to people, and sell my work to lots of women all over the world, well… you better believe I would have thought you were crazy! I’m learning so much about myself during this phase of my life; chiefly that I really do have my own voice, and that lots of people feel the same way I do, and that that I’m not the only one to go the whole day without putting on a bra!


She Has Her Very Own Guardian Angel . . . it is a SOLDERED PENDANT for girls who need to know that someone is looking out for them. $32.00


My bestest painting friend Elizabeth has two friends who are going through hard family times, and when I was at her studio yesterday she asked me to make a guardian angel for them, a white one. I worked on a 9 x 12 canvas, purple on the top and a rose red on the bottom. The angel’s dress is made of white paper, and at the bottom it’s trimmed with blue scallops and a saying from one of my favorite artists, Rodney White. OOh, I love his work so much! Anyhoo, I like thinking that I’ve got myvery own angel, as opposed to sharing with someone…. So, here’s my angel, all ready to be made into necklaces for Liz’s friends!

How about you – do you know someone who needs to know that they’re loved right now?

(Details: It’s a soldered charm created from a high quality, long lasting print of one of my magically delicious collages, measuring 1.25 inches tall-ish.)

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My education is in Engineering, but I needed a creative outlet to balance all of the analytical elements in my life. One day, a co-worker was bragging about a necklace she just bought for a HUGE sum of money. It was gorgeous, but I knew that I could never spend such an amount on a necklace. S

So I decided to try to create my own. I was so pleased with the results that I continued to make necklaces. Soon after, people were asking me to design unique necklaces for them. Since then, I have studied various metal and jewelry making techniques, and thus my hobby was born.

Now I am a stay at home mom and I still enjoy making necklaces even though my son is usually the only one that gets to appreciate my creations. So I have begun to make necklaces again to sell to you! Keep an eye on my site.


Vertigo Charm Hammered Copper and Silver Circle Necklace $42.00


What is so great about this necklace is that the circle charms are removable so you can customize how you wear it. I have included a few pictures of the various ways it can be worn!

This is a wonderful necklace featuring a pendant that is 4 hand hammered copper and sterling silver circles rangng in size from approximately 1″ to 1/2″. The pendant is strung onto a 16″ sterling silver triple strand chain. Other chain styles and lengths are available if you feel this one is not right for you.

I know we all come in different sizes and statures. I make my necklaces so they fit right on me. If you like the look of this necklace, but would like it longer or shorter, I can do modifications. Please contact me and I will see how I can accommodate you. I offer a 14 day return, repair, exchange, and modification policy. Sometime you just don’t know until it is on your neck! Check out my profile for more details.

This necklace will be shipped in a gift box tied with a satin ribbon; great for gift giving!

Thanks for looking! If you have any questions, please contact me!

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HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD! I have spent this past year adorning celebs such as Anne Heche, Fergie, Jessica Alba, Christine Lakin, Kelly Monaco, Regina King, Marissa Miller, Shannon Elizabeth, Jolie Fisher and Anne Heche to name a few.

The triviality of adornment is not lost on vanity. It is an affirmation of ones self worth! Many souls have shared stories of how a piece of jewelry opened doors to conversation… CONNECTION…opportunity! Voila… isn’t that why we are here?

Having always been a dreamer spending my school daze elsewhere whilst smiling, seated, and upright as not to disturb the class. My work has evolved from this very habit. Daydreaming and doodling my way through my life. Never content with the status quo I choose to change it or escape it entirely.

This studio is a GREEN 1! Utilizing recycled paper, packaging and ink ALWAYS. In fact recycling vintage jewelry was how all this filigree frenzy began in the mid 90’s. I still use abandoned OLD stock jewels, and only buy new stock from well established houses which I have visited personally insuring quality employee and product standards. I will never tolerate slave/child labor or environmental sloth.
I offer only MY OWN original museum quality design and stand by my workmanship for life…1 woman, 2 hands, a pile of pliers, passionate about my work as well as supporting others on their individual artistic journeys. May you tread a new path in lieu of walking the footsteps of another for creativity cannot be echoed, imitated, taught nor forced…it is simply an innate quality of being human. Click your heals you’re already there 🙂
Please visit my soon to be even more fabulous website:


Peacock Tales $99.01


Tales indeed are telling…and some you can see through…

This triple drop design has been a staple in my line for years 🙂 It is available in a plethora of colors so please inquire.

As seen on Jolie Fisher.

1ofMYkind bronzed brass filigree/finery
Hand wrought brass earwires
Antique Czechoslovakian Golden Topaz Geodome Crystals

Peacock Zircon:
Radiates Self Assurance and Truth
2 3/4″

Meticulously hand set by ME with my very own technique, brain and appendanges 🙂

by Jody McGIll
for A.Muse Studios
Protected under US Registered Copyright

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