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I was born in Buffalo, NY, and began making oddities at an early age. I have been working as artist ever since bartering sketches for fruit roll-ups during lunch at the advanced age of 5.

I now live and work in Washington, D.C., where I teach art to exceptional students at Eastern Senior High School. My studio on Capitol Hill is currently overflowing with wax, smudged paint, and bits of glass, and emits both sweet smells and strange noises at all hours of the night.

I enjoy degree collecting (philosophy, painting, and special education so far) making messes (in the kitchen and garden,) reading, sleeping in, and cat herding.


I want to make art that people want in their homes, their sacred spaces, their places of work.

Not because it matches the color scheme, but because it touches something in the people who make those spaces meaningful. Because it draws out their dreams, or lends tranquility, or makes it impossible to forget a horrible truth they are working to change.

In my mind, successful art means something to us about ourselves, the way the books I love are a part of my home and its meaning. Michael from Stranger in a Strange Land reminds me to Grok- drink deep of the moment. Merlin from The Once and Future King cautions me that might never makes right. The Gunslinger helps me remember the face of my father. Lovecraftian monsters haunt my steps and keep me on my toes.

It is my dream to make art that fits into the tapestry of others’ lives, the way my studio is covered in the images of places and works that inspire and guide me. I want to be connected in the way readers are, in the way long distance lovers are by letters and photos. Museums are too sterile for this kind of touch to work. Trading artwork with other artists, making customized works- these are things I need to begin seeking in earnest, and this is my starting point.

“To dream in isolation can be properly splendid to be sure; but to dream in company seems to me infinitely preferable.”-Clive Barker

jupiter1Psyche Ornament $9.99


An ornament for your home or holiday tree, made of 100% beeswax, poured into a mold made with hand-sculpted ornaments of my own design. There is a luminous sheen of pigment over the wax.

Beeswax, with the addition of damar crystals in the mix I make myself, has a melting point between 180 and 200 degrees- so don’t worry about the melt factor- they will be around for years to come, and have the added benefit of not shattering into a zillion pieces like glass ornaments.

Celebrate the Yule season with a touch of nature, primitive methods, and the mystery of Psyche as she peers out from behind her wings.

Each ornament is 5 by 4.75 inches.

A how-to guide on making your own beeswax ornaments can be found here:


*Mention coupon code: JPFS to get free shipping!


Thanks so much for your interest in CraftPudding! Have fun browsing through my shop and hope you find something that you like. If you are looking for something different and special, please contact me 🙂

If you have any questions please send me a message via etsy or email craftpudding@gmailcom


craftHand Carved Little Boy with bird Rubber stamp $11.00


Cute handcarved rubber stamp with a little boy and a bird design.
Can be used for fabric or paper.
Ideal for those little fabric projects, cards or tags.
Mounted on wood for easy stamping.

Aprox. Measurement: 1″ wide by 1 1/8″ high

+++ Accepting SPECIAL ORDERS like lettering and all sort of creatures and designs +++

++ Allow 2 weeks for shipping ++
NOTE: Custom Orders Ship within 2 weeks. Orders of 3 or more items will be considered CUSTOM orders.

**PLEASE, Contact me before using my stamp designs for COMERCIAL PURPOSES (selling items made with my stamp designs) and/or other than personal use. All the designs in this shop are PROTECTED under COPYRIGHT LAW so you need permission before selling your items with my designs.

+++ All orders within the USA are shipped with delivery confirmation service +++

All designs Copyright © 2007 Magda K. Craft Pudding All rights reserved


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I like creating objects that add that extra little bit of design sensibility and creative thought to a living space or an outfit.

I’m really drawn to the things and ideas that make up everyday life. From long lasting items that we see in pop culture to very temporary items (or spills!) that are made today and gone tomorrow.

I’m based in Toronto, Canada, and this city has definitely made it’s mark on my creative process. I graduated from the University of Toronto and Sheridan College in Art and Art History with a focused on photography and conceptual art. Since then I’ve worked in a photography gallery, designed at a modern lifestyle boutique, and currently work with visual artists to assist them aspire to their career goals.

Feel free to contact me and tell me what you think about the shop!
info [!at]

Copyright 2008 Avril Loreti. All rights reserved.

Mustache Handkerchief – Pick a Fabric $16.00avril1


This goes out to all the mustache lovers!

The Mustache Handkerchief has 4 prints of mustaches inspired by Salvador Dali, Tom Selleck, The Classic Handlebar, and some baseball player from the 80s!!

This listing is for 1 handkerchief. Upon your purchase just send me a quick email or etsy convo letting me know which fabric you’re interested in.

5 fabrics to choose from! 100% cotton and 100% handsome!
– Blue/Red Plaid
– Black/White small gingham
– Grey/White Gingham
– Lime green/White Gingham
– Classic White

12.5″ x 12.5″ in size with heat transfer prints.

Wash instructions: Wash in cold water, do not use bleach, lay flat to air dry, do not iron over printed image.

Copyright 2008, Avril Loreti. All rights reserved.


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The inspiration for Red Leaf products started with a home made moisturizer and one really, really cold winter. Curiosity and very dry skin led me to the kitchen where I experimented with common ingredients. After lots of trial and even more
error, I had a line of products based on simple everyday ingredients that you’ll recognize. They’re probably in your kitchen right now!

Some big love for my family and friends who were guinea pigs for a long time and who helped with feedback and by trying new stuff before it was, well, ready.

We ship to anywhere in the world.

Visit Red Leaf on TrunkT!

We won the indiefixx specialty soap category!

Mens Rich Lathering Shaving Cube With Chrome Stand $11.00 redleaf1


We won the specialty soap competition! Heres what they had to say about it:

“Red Leaf Soap & Shave Cube- This is the best shaving soap I’ve tried by far. Made with a mix of glycerin and coconut oil, it lathers well and has a really nice consistency for shaving…sort of like a lotion, but nice and soapy. I recommend getting the holder to keep your cube nice & dry between use. It’s available in scents that appeal to both guys and girls”.

Thanks indiefixx!

All we can say is we love it!

Each cube is hand made with your choice of scents (unscented too!)
and they’re big and chunky so they’re easy to hold. It makes tons of rich lather for extra moisturizing and leaves a great scent after use.

We put it in a compact chrome stand that allows it to dry quickly without leaving a soapy mess on your counter. The stand is rust-proof, and takes up very little space. The cube sits in the holder perfectly, giving it a fresh clean look.

To use for Shaving: Use wet hands to create a foamy lather and apply. Best used during or after showering. For thicker beards, rub the cube directly on your skin for a closer, smoother shave.

Always replace soap cube to holder when done. Don’t expose cube to prolonged shower spray as that “melts” the cube.

Please note which scents you’d like by listing them in the “Note To Seller” section at checkout. If you’d like to buy more than inventory is showing, just contact me. I have ample back stock for large orders!

Each cube weighs 3 to 3 1/8 ounces.

Soap and Shave Cube With Chrome Stand: $11.00

Replacement soaps: $5.00

Stand is recyclable.

Fragrance Descriptions:


BLACK TEA: We craved a scent that really reminded us of Fall, and Black Tea is perfect! This slightly smoky, very sexy, and warm fragrance is reminiscent of roasted tea leaves with a woody, natural smell, and notes of Sage and Sandalwood. It’s warm and inviting. You’ll want to get close and snuggle around a crackling fire. Perfect for Fall!

FRESH ORANGE: If you love the smell of a fresh peeled orange and the smell that lingers on your hands afterwards then this scent will be a favorite of yours. This Orange scent is exactly like a juicy sweet Orange!

BEACH: Beach is a fresh and very clean scent. It combines the essences of warm sand, salty air, and even a slight scent of suntan lotion. It’s sunny and bright like a day at the beach. It’s one of our most popular scents!

OATMEAL, MILK AND HONEY: The classic scents of Oatmeal Milk and Honey combine to make a warm, slightly sweet and deeply comforting smell that has been used in bath and body products for years. It leaves a very slightly sweet smell on your skin that is clean and inviting. PLEASE NOTE: This scent turns products an amber color due to the organic vanilla contained in the fragrance. This does not harm the product itself in any way.

ENGLISH COAST: Of the scents we currently offer, English Coast is one of our very favorites! English Coast is the scent of herbs, mosses, meadow flowers, and invigorating coastal air just after a rain. Very refreshing and green!

BASIL LIME: It doesn’t get any fresher than Basil Lime! It’s true to both Basil and Lime scents and is extremely refreshing, clear, and bright. Combined, Basil and Lime create a scent that is fresh, natural, and brisk.

FRESH CLOVER: We’ve combined grassy fragrances into one to create the scent of an open field of fresh clover and cut green grass. It’s extremely fresh and very reminiscent of Summer.

Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, safflower oil, glycerin (kosher of vegetable origin), purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitan oleate, soybean protein, wheat protein, fragrance.


*Mention you found us on the Cloud9 Holiday Gift Guide

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