Snuggle Herd toys are made from thrifted cotton t-shirts & stuffed with reclaimed wool fiber. Hand-embroidered faces – no choking hazards. Impeccable craftsmanship – heirloom quality.


Lyle the Lion eco-friendly upcycled stuffed t-shirt toy plushie stuffie softie in orange $24.00

By Lyle the lion has a big roar, but an even bigger heart. He can be fierce & strong when he needs to be, but never bullies anyone. He loves playing soccer & teaching the game to all the youngsters in the herd. Lyle also loves chocolate ice-cream, especially if it’s in a waffle cone! ——- Lyle’s body is made from a light orange t-shirt. He has a wild mane & twisty tail made from a dark orange t-shirt. Lyle’s handsome face is hand-stitched with embroidery floss {no choking hazards!}. He is approximately 6 in. tall & 8.5 in. wide (15.24 cm. x 21.59 cm.)


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My name is Amy and I opened an Etsy shop called Tiny Violet in early November. I come from a long line of sewing and crafting women. I finally decided to set up shop and start sharing my passion for making one of a kind dolls and other fabric creations with anyone who appreciates handmade items and good craftsmanship.

Custom items are available! If you see a doll or other item you like but want to alter something, please contact me via the “contact tinyviolet” link on my Etsy shop page and we’ll discuss it. I would love to hear your ideas to create something just the way you like it.

tinyvLittle Sister Janine Fabric Doll OOAK $35.00


Hello, Janine! Janine is the youngest of three sisters, although she IS the tallest. She is very proud of this fact and points it out as often as possible. Janine’s other 2 sisters will be coming to the shop soon.

Janine is one of a kind and she has wool felt hair. Her body is made of upcycled baby clothes. The heart on the front of her dress is a pocket for storing secret messages! 🙂

Janine measures approximately 16 inches long. Her face is handpainted and she’s very good natured. (Please do not try to brush her hair, as this makes her very fussy.)

Remember to check back soon for her 2 sisters – June (whom we refer to as Junebug) and Lorraine (would prefer to be an only child, but has discovered sisters can be useful sometimes).

**Note: I secure all buttons with thread and industrial strength adhesive. Still, some may not be suitable for children under the age of 5. Please use good judgment if purchasing for a little one.**


*Mention you found us on the Cloud9 Holiday Gift Guide!



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