Earth Day is Everyday

earth day

Today is Earth Day. One of my favorite days. It reminds us to stop what we are doing and celebrate our world and all of creation.

But we need not have a special day on the calendar to remind us.

Around here, we like to live as if everyday is Earth Day. Everyday we seek to notice the beauty on this Earth – to climb her trees, to explore her creeks, lakes, rivers, and ponds.

To watch the tiniest of ants to the biggest of animals do what they were created to do.

We watched a really amazing special on PBS the other day. (We don’t have cable TV anymore – but this was at a relatives’) It was all about Beavers. How they hear the sound of rushing water and it causes them to be alerted to start creating a dam.

Their instinct tells them what to do. And when they are finished with their day and night engineering, the water levels rise, and they keep the ecosystem running smoothly.

They even can make deserts that were completely dry heal and hold water again. There is something really beautiful about their story and how they help hold the ecosystem together by creating these amazing structures – adding strength to the river bottom and securing their future in the land.

We each can do our part – no matter how small – to keep our Earth’s ecosystem running properly. We can recycle, reduce our consumption and spending, repurpose, teach our children to care for the Earth, and generally take sustainable actions to heal the land.

Every little bit helps.

If you want to read more about saving our Earth – check out The Story of Stuff. It’s eye-opening.

the story of stuff

And this post I reposted from Holistic Moms Network back in 2009 talks about some ways we can help save the Earth.

I hope you take some time today to go exploring out in nature with your children. Discover a new place locally to get outdoors. Have fun and be grateful for the beauty of nature – today, and always!


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{11.01.11 ~ November 1st ~ Thankful for Country Roads}


country roads take me home

{11.01.11 ~ Today I am thankful for the dust-filled country roads, and the cadence of my tires crunching slowly over the gravel. I look around in splendor and marvel at the beauty around me. The trees create majestic shadow-filled tunnels that end in a bright burst of sunlight as the sunshine peeks through the openings.

Time stands still for just a moment as I meander down memory lane. Here you will find no cold slabs of concrete, or the hollowness of a city street. No, here you find everything. If you slow down enough, you can hear and see miracles all around you. The mother bird feeding her babies in her nest, in all the glory of her sweet melodious birdsong.

The squirrels scurry across the road, and woodsy jackrabbits hop with their soft grey fur blending into their surroundings. I see a beautiful doe leading her precious white-spotted fawns into the meadows. Then comes the brilliant buck, with horns heralding strength and might as he leaps effortlessly over fences.

Cattle are grazing on the hill, and mustard-hued clusters of wildflowers cover the fields like a golden blanket.

Yes, I take sheer delight in this leisurely drive with windows down, sunroof open, the breeze blowing through my long hair. The radio is turned down…because the best music is nature’s song. And my heart is bursting with thankfulness and joy.


Have a very blessed day! What are you thankful for?


{spring blossoms}

{found via: We heart it / Visual bookmark for everyone.}

I adore springtime…rebirth…new buds appearing on the trees…a time of new beginnings…and the taste of the unknown lingering sweetly in the air; like the soothing perfume of pink flowers.