Get on The Mat. And Just…BE.


Get on the mat.

The yoga mat is the place we learn—

to surrender, to pause, to stretch, to relax, and to grow.

We come to the mat — ready — eager to remember, how to breathe deeply again.

To remember how to slow down.

And. . . . . . b       r       e      a     t     h      e. . . . . . . . . .


We create space in our day to just be. To listen to what speaks within. We silence the to do list, and the busy, hurry. and worry of our day.

We close our eyes and listen to our breath. We marvel at the beauty of the human body and all of the gifts that it generously gives us. The strength we have that holds us in authenticity with our core.

Our hopes and dreams and values ground us like our feet planted firmly into that mat. Holding us steady in this world which tries to keep rushing us around.

But, the secret to peace in the frantic pace of our culture is found in letting go.

We come to the mat to let things go.

We let go of the worry.

We let go of the hurry.

We let go of the busy.

We let go of the coulda.

We let go of the shoulda.

We let go of the woulda.

We just sit. In stillness with our breathe. And we just are.




you are here: the shelter and space you need

womb original 30x40 painting by cloud9designstusio on etsy purple art aquablue

“womb” – 30×40″ original watercolor and acrylic art by cloud9designstudio on etsy

Life is about rebirth.





The beautiful journey of the soul.

The womb is a place of protection.



Unconditional Love.

A shelter.

Pregnant with life.


{photograph by cloud9designstudio}

Whatever it is that you need today — may you find it.

May you find the warmth, shelter, comfort, love,  and the space you need.

May you find kindness, love, truth, honor,

respect, rest, ease, belonging, wisdom,

and hope.

In this moment.

Right now.

It is yours.

{dreaming of a hammock on the beach}

Beach Hammock, originally uploaded by nanuya Island resort.