calling all creative women entreprenuers: are you ready to fly?


{journal by the talented Christine Mason Miller}

You already have your wings. You just need to fly.

I love that.

It’s absolutely true.

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I am loving reading the amazing ebook from sweet-as-honey artist Kelly Rae Roberts. It’s called Flying Lessons, The Whole Shabang.

I have been wanting to get it for years, and I finally took the plunge to invest in myself and my creative business. And, as soon as I did, doors started flying open for me.

When you set an intention to learn more, and grow, and make a difference through your life, your art, and your business — the world responds with opportunities.

“When you follow your bliss… doors will open …”

Joseph Campbell

First off, let me just swoon over how beautiful this colorful ebook is. It was designed by fellow artist Jessica Swift who creates these rainboots with inspirational hidden messages.


Aren’t they so fun? I love the aqua and orange color combo.

Ok, I digress…

Inside the book there are fabulous details about Kelly Rae’s experience with:

  • pricing your handmade art
  • how to set up an etsy shop
  • how to face our fears of not feeling good enough, with a great interview with artist Jen Lemen
  • defining your blog’s purpose and clarifying it’s focus with Liv Lane
  • how to get traffic to your blog
  • general blogging advice and blogging basics with an inspirational  interview with Holly Becker of decor8
  • how to create a great website
  • choosing a name for your website or blog
  • social networking – twitter and facebook
  • creating community for business growth
  • telling your story
  • how to organize a retreat or workshop
  • mentors and why you need them
  • interview with artist Claudine Hellmuth
  • marketing tips and tricks
  • how to make prints of your artwork (and which type of printer to use)
  • packaging and shipping your goods
  • selling your art at festivals, art shows, and craft fairs
  • selling your goods at boutiques
  • how does wholesale work and pricing wholesale items
  • getting press and getting published online, in print, and in magazines (super easy, doable tips!)
  • licensing your art interview with Ingrid Liss, Creative Director for Demdaco
  • licensing your art interviews with Jessica Swift & the lovely Mati Rose
  • copyright and the laws around art copyrights
  • diversifying your creative business income (leveraging your income, passive income ideas)
  •  taxes, bookkeeping, finances and an interview with a  CPA
  • time management strategies (don’t we all need those!?)
  • how to actualize goals and make them happen
  • embracing the creative business journey

Plus, lots of resources, links, videos, and other goodies! I am so glad I got this ebook. It really shed some light on the things I had questions about.

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This ebook is a must-have for anyone serious about pursuing their passions and living their dreams of not just having a creative business, but THRIVING and being SUCCESSFUL with it! 🙂 You were meant to fly and soar!

I hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed me! Grab your copy here!

And please, come back to the comments and declare that you just took a step in the direction of your dreams!


*And yes, I am a proud Kelly Rae affiliate!



{do what you love — kelly rae roberts : flying lessons}

“What You’re Doing Matters” – 8×10 print – Kelly Rae Roberts

Kelly Rae Roberts is a huge mentor to me. She has inspired me so much and I feel she is a kindred soul sister.

kelly rae roberts

If you have ever wanted to start an art or creative business , Kelly Rae has all the answers to your creative-entrepreneur questions.

Here’s what Kelly Rae has to say on her blog about the questions she gets asked everyday by artists like you, and me, who want to make a living making art.

Everyday, I receive emails from creative souls asking for my advice. They want to know how, in a span of just a couple of years, I built an online presence and successful online shop, wrote a best selling book, got published in several magazines, and launched successful gift collections (via licensing deals) that are sold in stores nationwide.

They ask advice on how to sell original paintings, how to have an effective online presence, how to create and package prints/jewelry/originals, how to create a website and community. They ask about licensing, money, publishing, press, and social networking. They ask me how on earth I manage my time, how I face my fears, how I stay organized.

I know exactly where they’re coming from. It wasn’t that long ago that I was sending similar emails out to artists I admired, people who seemed to have booming creative businesses. Some would answer me, but most didn’t. Now that I’m crazy busy over here and on the other end of that email exchange, I get it. I’m sure some didn’t respond because they were simply too busy to give advice to a complete stranger and I’m sure some didn’t respond because they wanted to protect their hard earned information.

For me, it hasn’t been a matter of not wanting to share what I know, it’s been a matter of time and the value of that time. In the end, I deeply believe in finding a way to share our stories, our resources, and how we’ve made it to where we are now.

After months of writing and thinking about how I could best share everything I know (and finally answer, in detail, the questions that come my way) I came up with something that I think is pretty darned special: a series of four e-books called Flying Lessons: Tips + Tricks To Help Your Creative Business Soar.

Flying Lessons: The Whole Shabang

In this e-book, you get it all! It’s parts 1, 2, + 3 combined into one big e-book. It includes everything you ever wanted to know about creating an online presences (blogs, websites, social networking), marketing, licensing, getting press/published, selling online + offline, time management, actualizing goals, copyright, building community, facing fears, burnout, personal stories of what’s worked for me (and what hasn’t worked), interviews with successful artists, and SO MUCH MORE!

Now Is The Time To Follow Your Heart’s Deepest Desire

You should get The Whole Shabang, which is the complete set of her ebooks!