Stand Up Desk from Brixton Banks

Stand up desks are a new trend right now that benefits our health and wellness. It’s been proven that sitting all day at our desks is contributing to many health problems. The new Stand Up desk from Brixton Banks is a wonderful solution to that problem.


When I saw this cool new desk, I knew I had to start using one! Sitting at the desk creates so many problems with our health: namely, back problems. To alleviate lower back pain, standing at your desk instead of sitting forces your muscles to be working while you are working.’


On the Brixton Banks website we learn the health benefits of standing and working:

Scientific studies claim that sitting all day is bad for your health. While that seems to be common sense you may not realize exactly how bad sitting behind a computer all day truly is.

There is more going on than just fatigue and back or neck pain or simply being uncomfortable. A sedentary lifestyle deactivates the hormone lipase which slows down your metabolism and causes you to gain weight.

This can happen within 20 minutes of being inactive. Meanwhile your red blood cells clump and thicken inside of your blood vessels slowing down circulation, insulin production slows down, energy that has not been expended from food, also known as fat, begins to deposit on your internal organs and LPP1 – a gene that suppresses inflammation and clotting shuts off.


I LOVE this desk! It’s beautiful, first of all. And it’s very lightweight, so it can be easily moved from room to room or even outside if you are using your laptop. It worked perfect on our kitchen table for my son to use it, and  it works great for people of multiple heights sharing it. It’s perfect for active families that are looking to decrease their time sitting, and trying to incorporate more healthy options like standing.

You can get your standing desk at and be sure to follow them on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram! 🙂


(*Disclosure – Post Sponsored by Brixton Banks, product given. All reviews are my own opinion. I only review products that I use, and that my readers will benefit from.)

{Best choices for gluten free foods for health & wellness}



Best Choices for gluten free foods and general cooking/health via repost from cindalou

August 10, 2007

Best Choices:

1. Brown rice over white rice: cook long grain organic varieties for lowest G.I. and to avoid genetically modified rice strains (GMO)

2. Purple or red potatoes over white potatoes

3. Fresh kernel corn or frozen corn
* over canned creamed corn

4. Bean flours: (garbanzo, fava, soy- except soy has many health drawbacks, etc), nuts flours (almond, hazelnut, etc), coconut flour, hemp, ground flax, quinoa (ground or flakes), rice bran, teff, and amaranth
* instead of white rice flour, potato flour, or white or yellow cornmeal/flour

5. Fresh nuts and seeds

6. High fiber organic beans: black soy beans (low carb, high fiber and protein), black beans, garbanzos

7. Lentils: over rice or potatoes

8. Good fats: flax (omega 3), hemp (the ideal Omega 6 and Omega 3 balance), olive, avocado, coconut (medium chain saturated fat to boost metabolism and act as antivirual), walnuts (Omega 3), almonds (best for women for Magnesium content), brazil nuts, hazelnuts
* instead of non-organic peanuts (contain carcinogenic mold), cashews (fine nuts, just not as good as walnuts or almonds as far as good fats and minerals), any vegetable oils- the long chain unsaturated fat is now linked to heart disease instead of saturated fats like coconut (see current research and Udo’s book).

9. High Quality Protein: Wild caught Salmon (fresh and canned), tuna (low mercury, low to no salt if possible; limit ordinary “mercury-full” tuna to 2 cans per 50 lbs body weight per week), grass-fed (local if possible) beef, bison, turkey, chicken, tilapia, lamb
* instead of shellfish, bottom feeders (catfish), pork- most traife (non-Kosher) meats. This is since the traife meat has health detriments due to close contact of these animals with humans and the animals’ lifestyle- they tend to carry diseases which are easily transmitted to humans. Swordfish is very high in mercury, so pregnant women should limit canned tuna and swordfish. Farm raised fish is of lower quality since the ponds are overcrowded and the fish feed is of low grade- most fish end up becoming bottom feeding off the sunken decaying feed.

10. Cooking Oil: coconut oil is the only oil which does not break down and become toxic at medium to high temperatures; Raw butter (full fat preferable) for high heat is okay also- see Udo’s book
* Olive oil, flax, and hemp oils for salad dressings, marinades, etc (no high heat or frying).

{like a box of chocolates: vegan choclate truffles}


I had been searching for some dairy-free chocolate on Etsy for Easter, and I found

A box of 15 truffles is around $20.00. And they are so yummy!

Clover & Clutch is a bakery and confectionery committed to providing delicious treats made from the highest quality, completely vegan ingredients. Whenever possible I use fair trade and organic ingredients, and I am currently working to offer more raw products and more products free of gluten, soy, and nuts.

I got a sampler pack and it was absolutely delicious, with gourmet ingredients & beautiful packaging.

It included:



These smooth chocolate truffles begin with a tea-infused chocolate ganache, using the finest fair trade earl grey and organic lemon zest. The truffles are then hand-dipped in dark chocolate and garnished with a sliver of organic candied lemon zest.



These delicious chocolate truffles begin with a smooth chocolate ganache, infused with rose water and organic ginger. The truffles are then hand-dipped in dark chocolate and garnished with crystalized ginger.


Vegan Organic Fair Trade Pomegranate Truffles


Delicious pomegranate truffles, made from the finest ingredients (Fair Trade and Organic whenever possible). Each truffle consists of smooth, luxurious pomegranate-infused chocolate, rolled in rich cocoa powder and topped with a pomegranate garnish for an elegant and beautiful finish

**If you need a great Mother’s Day gift that is healthy & Vegan — check out Clover and Clutch!