country road

I believe in. . .

slow living

taking time to pause

Slow food — grown in our own garden, or locally

Being a slow family

Savoring life

Long walks through the woods

handwritten letters

reading poetry that makes you think

Clothes hanging on the line to dry in the sunshine

Early to bed, early to rise

Reading books everyday

Not following the crowd

Not being on social media

Long conversations face-to-face

Keeping the t.v. off.

singing and playing acoustic guitar around the campfire

Doing something kind for someone everyday

Not signing up for everything just because everyone else is

Creating ease, and space in life.  .  . breathing room

love and laughter at all times

wild horses running in a field

a meadows of wildflowers

 nights just sitting under the blanket of stars


counting each day’s blessings


seeking and finding

trust and faith


wonder and awe

finding magic in the everyday moments

joy and happiness


a warm cup of tea

quiet moments

the simple life




spontaneous fun

making a difference


simple pleasures

summer2012 990


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