Get on The Mat. And Just…BE.


Get on the mat.

The yoga mat is the place we learn—

to surrender, to pause, to stretch, to relax, and to grow.

We come to the mat — ready — eager to remember, how to breathe deeply again.

To remember how to slow down.

And. . . . . . b       r       e      a     t     h      e. . . . . . . . . .


We create space in our day to just be. To listen to what speaks within. We silence the to do list, and the busy, hurry. and worry of our day.

We close our eyes and listen to our breath. We marvel at the beauty of the human body and all of the gifts that it generously gives us. The strength we have that holds us in authenticity with our core.

Our hopes and dreams and values ground us like our feet planted firmly into that mat. Holding us steady in this world which tries to keep rushing us around.

But, the secret to peace in the frantic pace of our culture is found in letting go.

We come to the mat to let things go.

We let go of the worry.

We let go of the hurry.

We let go of the busy.

We let go of the coulda.

We let go of the shoulda.

We let go of the woulda.

We just sit. In stillness with our breathe. And we just are.




{be still}

Handmade Art on Etsy – Be Still – Framed 5×7 Scripture Print by ByEveryWord.

Psalm 46:10 (New International Version)

10 “Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.”

As much as I love yoga, I have always had questions about whether it is safe to practice as a Christian.

I read an interesting article on about this debate.

Several Christians have told me it was safe to do it as an exercise for promoting relaxation….but I’m still unsure.

I have becoming increasingly unsure now that I have started the journey of growing in Christ & deepening  my walk with God.

I’ll let you read the article & please leave your thoughts & comments for discussion.

Valentine Gift Guide: Fitness Buffs Featured Artists

Check out the Fitness Buffs Category of my Valentines Gift Guide for awesome handmade goodies for your sweetheart who loves to sweat & says fitness makes their heart skip a beat!


hello & welcome-
brook.there is an apparel line based off the coast of Maine.

I list two types of clothing: samples from my line- usually less expensive, and custom-sized pieces, which are retail-priced. I’d be happy to mail you swatches of any fabrics you are curious about before you make a purchase.

Typically, I can ship custom-sized orders in less than a week.

I work with many organic and sustainable fabrics, which can be viewed at

sustainable yoga pants $49.00


Made of super soft sustainable fabrics. The waist is foldover, and can be a matching or contrasting color to the pant leg. The side pocket on the thigh is practically invisible, but of great use for storing a few dollars or a key.

great for running, working out, or yoga.

XS: hip 34.5 waist 25
S hip 36 waist 27
M hip 37.5 waist 28.5
L hip 39 waist 30
XL hip 41 waist 32

*black bamboo/organic cotton is out of stock*
deep charcoal organic cotton is the replacement for black.




Designer Heidi Comfort’s star studded history of custom, couture clothing began in Hollywood where she designed exclusively for stars such as Johnny Carson, Robert Redford, Bob Hope, David Brenner, Paul Newman, Bob Newhart, Jerry Lee Lewis and Steve Martin, just to name a few. Soon after, Heidi Comfort made her designs available to the public with her couture collections at locations such as Barney’s New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, Georgio of Beverly Hills, Neiman-Marcus, Dayton’s, and Macy’s. Her collections sold out in just days at many locations, making Heidi Comfort a name to be seen in!

These days, Heidi Comfort is creating buzz around the country once again, this time with a new focus in fashion: chic, couture purses and bags. With unparalleled craftsmanship, using only the finest materials, Heidi Comfort creates purses with art-like designs unlike any other you can find – not to mention, each piece is hand-sewn by the designer herself.

Mini Yoga-Duff $58.00


Perfect little yoga bag – fun size. Lavender and sky blue with khaki leather trim, zippered top, and full lining. Approximatley 23″ wide 7″ tall.



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