Get on The Mat. And Just…BE.


Get on the mat.

The yoga mat is the place we learn—

to surrender, to pause, to stretch, to relax, and to grow.

We come to the mat — ready — eager to remember, how to breathe deeply again.

To remember how to slow down.

And. . . . . . b       r       e      a     t     h      e. . . . . . . . . .


We create space in our day to just be. To listen to what speaks within. We silence the to do list, and the busy, hurry. and worry of our day.

We close our eyes and listen to our breath. We marvel at the beauty of the human body and all of the gifts that it generously gives us. The strength we have that holds us in authenticity with our core.

Our hopes and dreams and values ground us like our feet planted firmly into that mat. Holding us steady in this world which tries to keep rushing us around.

But, the secret to peace in the frantic pace of our culture is found in letting go.

We come to the mat to let things go.

We let go of the worry.

We let go of the hurry.

We let go of the busy.

We let go of the coulda.

We let go of the shoulda.

We let go of the woulda.

We just sit. In stillness with our breathe. And we just are.




{be still}

Handmade Art on Etsy – Be Still – Framed 5×7 Scripture Print by ByEveryWord.

Psalm 46:10 (New International Version)

10 “Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.”

As much as I love yoga, I have always had questions about whether it is safe to practice as a Christian.

I read an interesting article on about this debate.

Several Christians have told me it was safe to do it as an exercise for promoting relaxation….but I’m still unsure.

I have becoming increasingly unsure now that I have started the journey of growing in Christ & deepening  my walk with God.

I’ll let you read the article & please leave your thoughts & comments for discussion.

{Gaiam : Product Review}


The Organic Cotton Karma top is a great top to wear for your yoga practice. It moves well, and has a slit in the back to aid in twisting movements. I could have ordered a size smaller, but wasn’t sure if the material would shrink. I choose the calming, purple orchid color.


But I love all of the colors: Aloe, Ocean, Cinnabar & Black.

This product was originally $38.99, but now it is on sale for $19.99! You can get yours here.

Organic Cotton Karma Top

This top was made for your yoga practice, with a back slit for extra mobility. Square neckline; comfortable wide straps. Fabric: 90% soft organic cotton/10% spandex. Low eco-impact dyes. Choose from aloe, black, cinnabar, ocean and orchid. Thailand.



I also got the Damask Yoga Mat & Matching Cotton Bag . I love how the mat rolls up and fits in the bag so easily. There are even compartments to store your keys or water.  I was disappointed that the mat had a strong odor when it arrived, but the smell subsided shortly thereafter. I left it outside to air out for a few days. I am still looking into getting a jute mat or something that is completely smell free. But overall, the mat works well.